The season’s first frost cometh

Our first hard freeze is supposed to be here tomorrow night.

Which means I’ve got to get out to the garden and get all those beautiful, buff-colored butternut squash out of the garden and into the basement very, very soon.

Some people wait until after the first frost to harvest their fall squash. The few times I’ve waited until after the first frost to harvest my fall squash they didn’t seem to keep for as long as I expected them to.

That first hard frost of the season also means I need to get my butt in gear and do more winter prep: Get my garden tools cleaned, sharpened and oiled, put the water heaters in the stock tanks, clean out my summer flower beds, clean out the vegetable garden and get a load or two of compost tilled into it and convert the bedding in the hen house and the horse sheds from shavings to straw. Of course, I still have to get more wood cut, but that never seems to get done until I look at the woodpile and realize, “oh crap! I only have ONE LOG LEFT!” Yeah. And the fences. I have to do a fall walk of the fence lines to be sure everything is still up and snug and in good order.

Life is good. Have a beer!


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