Mushroom hunting and problem solving

I think the question about whether to cage or to stake the tomato plants has solved itself.

While walking through the woods hunting for morels yesterday afternoon, looking around trees, moving big-leafed plants to peer beneath them and climbing over and working my way around the heavy-duty wire mesh fencing that has been abandoned in the woods it hit me…I don’t have to buy cages! I have FENCING! That isn’t doing anything but hanging out in the woods doing nothing. It’s the big square mesh fencing, super heaving duty and in perfect condition to be cut and converted to heavy duty tomato cages. Stonger and heavier than anything I could buy pre-made and all FREE! All I have to do is get out there and cut it and turn it into cages. I’ve been wanting to get rid of it any way. Recycling at it’s finest.

Before I bought my property, part of it was used to breed and raise bulls used for rodeos. Thus, the heavy-duty fencing. The gaps in the mesh are too big to safely use to fence the horses in and it’s in a part of the woods that is not safe for the horses. The previous owners used that part of the woods to dump all their unwanted metal crap.  Yes, I have my very own dump. Lucky me. I can guarantee that my horses would find every bit of pointy or sharp metal and find creative ways to impale themselves upon it. There are hundreds of old wheel rims, tires, car parts, rusted farm equipment, rusted metal buckets, a couple of old stoves, a huge hog feeder, tons and tons of rebar still buried in concrete (I think it was a bridge at some point), lawnmowers, unidentifiable rusted bits, etc. etc. Very slowly the crap is getting carted out. Some of it can be scrapped for a bit of money, but most of it is just junk. My dump is deep in the woods, and, it’s overgrown so getting to it and getting some of the bigger stuff out will be a serious challenge. I didn’t know it was there before I bought the place and when I found it, my heart just sunk. It was so, so depressing to see all that garbage in my beautiful woods.

But, like with everything else on the place, improvements are coming with time. It already looks 100 percent better than it did on the day I signed the papers and all the pasture is mostly grass instead of mostly weeds. Progress is slow, but slow progress is better than no progress!

Aside from hunting morels (we found plenty of toadstools, no morels. The kiddo found a good sized box turtle) and solving my tomato cage issue, we also managed to get about 30 clumps of Savannah grass planted around the perimeter of the pool fence, something I’ve wanted to do since I moved in. The fence is ugly (black chainlink), but has to stay per regulations and insurance requirements. The grass, which was generously gifted to us from the garden of family, will grow tall and lush and beautiful and hopefully hide that ugly fence. Every time I see that gifted grass growing lush and thick and tall, it will feel like I brought home a bit of someone else’s home and garden to mine. I love that feeling!


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