Frost 0, Fruit 1

One frost warning night down, one frost warning night to go.

We covered the peach and cherry trees last night and when I pulled the sheets off this morning there was NO frost on the fruit! The outsides of the sheets were frosty, but the fruit seems to have weathered the chilly night just fine. Now, to do it all over again tonight and hope for the same results.

You know, you never really realize how TALL your fruit trees have become until you have to try to get a sheet over the top of one! The biggest peach tree didn’t get fully covered, just wrapped as best we could because without a ladder, there was no getting the sheet over the top.

I also got an up close and personal look at the forming fruit and will have to cull some of that fruit off the branches or risk losing limbs as the fruit grows and gets heavier and heavier. There is a LOT of fruit on those trees, the early warmth and large number of busy bees have been very friendly to the trees! Too many fruit, especially big fruit like peaches, pears and apples, can grow too heavy and split your tree. And too many fruit on one tree means all around smaller fruit.

So, I will be forced to commit baby fruiticide this weekend and probably end up halving the number of peaches on both trees. Which is sad, but better for the tree in the long run.



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