Gardening, chickens and the government

Take a look at this thoughtful and insightful piece written by Confessions of a Cracked Egg over at

Big Brother in Your Backyard


3 thoughts on “Gardening, chickens and the government

  1. I dunno, I was reading it, and it seems less like Big Brother and more like small local pricks who never left middle school and feel the need to bully people over any insignificant thing, with some personal vendettas thrown in. All of the cases, except maybe for the Rawesome Foods, which I couldn’t find anything neutral about after a quick search, disturb me more because of the abuse of power and obvious bullying. Good leaders let the chickens stay and the tomatoes slide by. We have a leadership bullying problem going on more than a regulation problem. How many pro-chicken-in-city laws have you heard about lately? There are quite a few that are letting chickens back in- Sacramento and some other smaller CA towns, and Carbondale, Il, of all places! Join your local grange (do they have those there?) and be a farm advocate. CA foothill Grange people are great. They’re like the best of hippies and rednecks rolled into a ball of awesome. Anyway, her point is totally valid: get out there and be political! the chickens-in-city law changes are proof!

  2. Belleville is currently having a pretty big government battle over allowing chickens within city limits. The government doesn’t want to allow them; some people do. I read the comments on our stories and am shocked by how much vitriol people spew about CHICKENS. There is a LOT of bullying going on, some of it by government officials (which are still Big Brother) and it is very, very disturbing.

  3. Hey! There’s an article in the local paper about chickens in a local city! Guess I’ll have to go read it later 🙂

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