Rice paddies, anyone?

The tomato plants are ready. The pepper plants are ready. So are the sweet potato babies, the sage, basil, oregano and rosemary.

Oh, and the pansies. They’re ready, too.

All are bursting out of their little grow pots, becoming root bound and eager to stretch their legs. If I don’t get them in the ground soon they will start dying.

Now, if I could only get the weather to cooperate! Rain rain rain (we got about 5 inches total last weekend) made the soil too soft and soggy to work in last weekend. So much rain our little country road was flooded for most of the week, forcing us to find alternative routes to get to work. I drove through it once with my truck. Probably shouldn’t have done that. The water was as high as the bottom of the door!

It dried nicely all week and I’ve been raring to get out there and get everything in the ground this weekend. Ready to get my hands and fingernails filthy and get my garden started.

But, wouldn’t you know it, Mother Nature isn’t playing nice.

Today, it’s raining. Again.


4 thoughts on “Rice paddies, anyone?

    • I got the brussels sprouts plants in the ground Sunday. All 13 of em! Good thing we LOVE brussels sprouts! Then spent the rest of the day pulling fence out of the woods to put up around the garden to keep the chickens out. They have completely destroyed my Swiss chard. Ugh. Love my chickens, love that I can free range them, HATE that out of the 13 acres they have to roam, they like my garden best.

      • Oh no! Not the swiss chard!! We are addicted to swiss chard over here. Sounds like the brussels sprouts will be plentiful this year!

      • I’m so in love with the Swiss chard that we planted MORE of it yesterday and are hoping it’s not too late. Dumb chickens apparently love it too. 🙂

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