What almost spring brings



The ladies are at nearly 100 percent production again, thanks to the longer days. I love the variety of colors we get, its always fun to try to guess which eggs came from which chicken. I think the huge dark brown ones are from the black and white cochins.

A few new babies have joined our household. We got six more laying hens: Three Americaunas and three Anconas. Plus, two Tufted Roman geese and two bronze-breasted turkeys. The geese, Max and Ari, quickly bonded with my daughter and they follow her like a momma goose. Very funny. They will be pets/guardians. The turkeys are Thanksgiving and Christmas. You figure it out!


Max and Ari with “momma.”


Thanksgiving and Christmas checking out the goose “momma.”


The whole flock exploring the family room. They are interested in everything! They are all the same age, but the geese are growing like crazy.



2 thoughts on “What almost spring brings

  1. We love having them around, not just for the eggs, but they are fabulous entertainment! You know you’re country when you can watch the chickens and be completely happy doing so. I think it’s silly that cities don’t allow people to have chickens, especially hens. They are so quiet and docile and really, are far less work and far less dangerous than dogs.

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