Small things

Things are starting to warm up and dry up, which means it’s getting closer and closer to getting outside to plant! We did seed and roll two of the horse pastures on a beautiful, sunny, nearly 70-degree day yesterday, so that’s one big (and very needed!) job done. Today, we are fixing the ruts in my arena, prepping ground for asparagus, prepping ground for onions, potatoes and mixed greens and sectioning off an area of the chicken coop for the geese and turkeys. Busy day! I’m glad we got the pastures done yesterday, today is chilly and windy and tomorrow is supposed to rain.

Babies are popping up beautifully!

ImageTomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, thyme and eggplant. The peppers, not doing so great and nothing yet from the sage or rosemary. I even have the darn things on a warming mat this year, and the peppers are still refusing to cooperate. Grrrrr…may be buying pepper plants this year.

And, babies hopefully popping out soon!


They are “due” on Easter. This is our first attempt at hatching our own eggs so we’ll see how it turns out. I tried candling a couple today and couldn’t tell what I was seeing inside, but, they aren’t quite a week in the incubator, either. We fought with the temp for a couple of days, it went up to 102-degrees a few times, which may or may not have baked the babies. We’ll see. There are 40 eggs in the incubator, all from my hens so, whatever hatches will be mixed breed ‘yard chickens.’

Osiris is my daughter’s cat. He is King of the House and pretty much does whatever he wants and sometimes picks the oddest places to sleep.

ImageMy onion bulbs, Osiris? Really? Sheesh.


2 thoughts on “Small things

  1. Don’t give up on your peppers! Mine always take twice as long to pop up- the zucchini already needs repotted (too soon for the ground), but my peppers aren’t up yet either, even in a steamy, sunny greenhouse. Maybe some music- they like when you sing a ballad in a minor key.
    Osiris looks like he’s trying to persuade you to let him be a hen for your chicken eggs.

  2. A couple of the peppers look like they may be trying to push through, but, ugh, how frustrating. Everything else (except the sage and rosemary) is looking fabulous, but those peppers…they gave me fits last year, too. They wouldn’t come up, wouldn’t come up, so I planted more. And, they ALL came up, even the first ones I planted! I had so many pepper plants I didn’t know what to do with them all!
    Osiris is a nut. By the time he was done sleeping on my onions he had them in a big ring around his body, none under. Weirdo. He’d probably sleep on the eggs, too, if I left them where he could get to ’em!

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