We candled, and it was good

My daughter and I candled all 40 eggs last night, eight days after we put them in the incubator. I have never candled eggs before, so, I spent a good hour on the internet researching what we should be looking for when we looked into those eggs.

At first, I didn’t think we would be able to decipher what we saw. The room was very dark, so, no pics unfortunately. It took us probably 10 eggs to finally get good at figuring out what we were seeing inside the shells. Some of them were easy, others, because of the dark shells, not so easy.

We saw blood veins, we saw dark little eyeballs, we saw hearts. It was very, very cool! A couple of them even moved for us while we were watching. I think we got pretty good at spotting veins and eyeballs pretty quickly. We’ll see how good we became in a couple of weeks when they hatch, or don’t hatch.

I fully expected to only find about half, or less, viable and growing. Instead, we found only three that had to be removed from the incubator, and once we figured out what we were looking for, identifying those was easy. Only one was unfertilized (yay roosters! You are doing a good job!), one was cracked and dead and the third one had a very apparent blood ring in it. We put check marks on the eggs we were fairly certain are growing and alive, and Xs on the ones we weren’t so sure about.

We will candle them all again next week to check progress, and the week after that, we should have a hatching, barring any problems between now and then!

We are pretty excited about this first hatching. Kayleigh was a little bit “grossed out” by the eyeballs in the eggs because she’s never really seen an embryo up close and personal, but I think it’s pretty darn cool that you can peek inside and see what’s going on.


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