Drooping blooms

Spring is officially here…doesn’t that mean the temperatures are supposed to follow suit? We’ve remained below freezing, but that hasn’t stopped things from trying to bloom and bud.

My daffodils figured since the days are growing longer, it must be time to wake up and open their pretty yellow heads to welcome the sun.

Yeah. Not so much. Just ’cause the sun is out doesn’t mean it’s warm.

ImageThese poor guys…the freezing temperatures have wilted them. I don’t know if they will recover this season. The blooms were frozen as the sun came up. I expect they will be slimy by the time the sun sets tonight.


So sad, drooping daffodils, the promise of spring an ugly lie. It’s like spring poked its head out, teased with a brief warmth and sunshine, then slapped us in the face and yelled “JUST KIDDING!!!”

Tonight, there’s snow in the forecast and lingering freezing temperatures. Last year at this time, it was 80 degrees and the farmers were busy planting corn. What a difference a year makes.


2 thoughts on “Drooping blooms

  1. It’s been a weird winter/spring transition, hasn’t it? My daffodils are peeking up, but have not blossomed yet. I hope they hold off until it warms up. So sorry about your pretty flowers – I hope they make a full recovery.

  2. Maybe we’ll actually get a spring this year…last year it was winter…then summer. No real break between. All the daffodil blooms were slimy this morning after another night in the teens. 😦 Although I hate losing them, I am glad my fruit trees have held off on the blossoming!

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