Old Man Winter is a comedian

Hello? Mother Nature? We are not amused. Please take the wheel back from Old Man Winter and send him to bed, please? He’s up way past his bedtime.ImageReally? Saturday, it was nearly 60* and I was ready to break out the short sleeves and margaritas.

ImageNo enjoying margaritas or reading a good book in the warm sunshine any time soon.

ImageJust add snow and your faithful, playful dog and any chore can be fun! Kayleigh (my daughter) eagerly slipped into her coveralls and went to work clearing the drift from in front of my car so I can get to work. Nala was right there helping, bouncing through the foot deep snow like a bunny. See the mess in the middle right of the photo? That’s where my husband used my truck to clear part of the driveway. We DON’T have a snow blade. He likes it when it snows…it’s as good an excuse as any to do doughnuts and play.

ImageMy daffodils are NOT amused.

ImageGabe and Teddy are NOT amused, either. But they are snug and warm in their blankies.

If you have to, just give the Old Man a hot toddy and send him packing. He’s worn out his welcome.


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