Ben Hewitt so often is able to write exactly how I feel. His words are the ones I would write if I could put my thoughts into something as cohesive and understandable as he does. His simple, rich way of life is one I am working towards…slowly but surely.
This post in particular struck me as so applicable, especially this time of year.
I get up each morning, drive to work, and during those 8, 9, or 10 hours (not including my two hour daily commute), someone else owns my time and I give it to them, for a price, both monetary and psychologically. While I’m at home, working my farm, concentrating on my animals, the land, my gardens, my time is mine and I do get lost in the moment. And I love each moment I am lost in.
But, for me, it is an exchange. I trade my time at work for money, so that I can “buy” that time back at the farm. Do I wish it was different? You betcha. I’d gladly trade my “saleable” time at work for more of my own time at the farm. But, if I didn’t give trade time for money at my job, I would not be able to live at my own pace, on my own time, at home.
This time of year especially when I want to spend my time in my own way at my farm, in the dirt, in the garden, in the woods, with the animals or just enjoying my piece of the world, I am instead spending it at an office. I frequently have to remind myself that I make the trade because without one, I could not have the other.


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