The Fowl News

The egg pipped, didn’t hatch, and unfortunately, the chick died in the shell. I don’t know what went wrong, it was breathing and pecking away at the shell. The membranes looked a bit dry so I added a wad of tissue soaked with warm water to the incubator thinking perhaps the humidity was off.

When I checked progress around 11 p.m., it was no longer breathing, no longer pecking or moving. It was definitely dead. Very sad and very frustrating. We sure were hoping it would break out of that shell! We have a second pipped egg, it was pipped when I got home from work yesterday, but no more progress this morning and I can’t tell if it’s still pecking away in there or not.

I’m going to give this batch of eggs until Saturday to do something. And, I guess if this one was a failure (I know I messed something up, but I don’t know what), we’ll try again. Maybe pick up a fan for the incubator this time. I’ve heard that does make a difference in the hatch rate. And a hygrometer because of all things, the humidity level was probably the biggest variable. We kept the channels in the bottom of the incubator full, but had no way to really monitor the levels during the incubation process.

In other news, I think Ari and Max want me to open the pool for them.


We’re just taking a walk on the pool.

They discovered that if they head towards the center of the pool cover it dips enough to sink into the water. The geese LOVE that!

Of course, Christmas and Thanksgiving are hanging out with the geese…I think they believe the honkers are their mommies! All four of them like to follow Kayleigh around like she’s the Queen Bee. Too funny.


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