Things are rotten

I’ve been a little bit sad for the past couple of weeks.

Last year, my whole garden croaked due to the extreme heat and extreme lack of rain.

This year, everything is rotting due to the lower than normal temperatures and record-breaking amounts of rain. I found one of my patty pan squash plants (my favorite one, of course. The one that grows beautiful, sweet white squash) wilted and dying this morning. I noticed Saturday it was starting to mold and rot around the plant near the ground, nothing I could do at that point. I’ve been battling black spot on the tomatoes weekly. And now…the Japanese beetles are hitting the beans and potatoes.

I was out weeding my carrot bed (the one thing that is thriving? WEEDS!!! Ugh) and accidentally grabbed a carrot instead of a weed. And the top popped off.

I was left holding an aromatic carrot frond in my hand.

But no carrot.

What the heck? Double check. Yup. There that root was, rotten and slimy and still stuck in the ground.

Instant heartbreak. I started pulling them all up, hoping to save at least a few. I managed to get about half. The other half was all rotted.


Not a bad pile, but not as many as I expected.

This does not give me many for canning. I had grand visions of more than a few jars of carrots this year. I guess it was just not meant to be.


I love the smell of carrot tops!

The tops sure are pretty, aren’t they? And the rabbits ate them up like candy! Nom nom nom. If you’ve never smelled a carrot freshly pulled from the ground, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s an earthy, carrot-y, woodsy smell and cannot be duplicated.


Oh, so tiny, so few.

Because I had to pull them up earlier than expected, they didn’t really get very big. Stumpy carrots are this year’s specialty!


Naughty naughty carrots!

Well…I don’t even know where to begin! My carrots, they aren’t G-rated! Naughty little things! I was cracking up as I pulled them out of the ground and saw the weird shapes some of them grew in. Moral of the deformed carrots: (obviously, my carrots have no morals!) dig deeper and work the ground a little finer for the carrot bed next year.



My poor husband. He can’t go anywhere alone. He always has a little party of critters following him around, harassing and helping. Harassing more than helping I do believe.


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