Redneck Entertainment

When you live an hour away from malls and movie theaters, you learn pretty quickly how to find and devise your own fun.

Out here, there are quite a few forms of what we like to call “redneck entertainment.”

We have been known to blow things up. We shoot things. We build a lot of bonfires. The possibilities are practically endless.

And, we like to sit on the deck with a drink in hand and watch the chickens or the bug zapper. You’d be surprised how entertaining  watching a bug zapper on a hot summer night can be. It’s almost like fireworks! And when a big one hits it and makes a lot of noise? Bonus!

But when you combine the two?

Well, I call it the Redneck Bug Buffet and it’s pretty darn fun to watch.

It’s just the end of March and the bugs are already crazy thick. The zapper is clogged with dead bugs every single morning and every morning since they discovered it’s back out and hard at work making breakfast for them, the chickens run straight from their house to the zapper as soon as they are freed in the morning.

They figured out where the bugs come from and that black hen will stand there, head cocked, watching the zapper, waiting to snatch up the next crispy bug that goes into the light.

I know, I know, it probabably doesn’t seem like it could be quite as entertaining as catching the latest blockbuster movie or spending a few hours at the mall, but there is just something relaxing and entertaining and so very simple about just sitting back and watching the things around you just do their thing.